Turkey’s pioneer chemicals manufacturer Ak-Kim was established in Yalova, in 1977 and in time has expanded its production facilities to various locations in Turkey.

Today Ak-Kim is a global player serving customers in five continents with its broad product portfolio including Chlor-alkali and derivatives, Methylamines, Persulfates, Hydrogen peroxides, Bisulfites, textile auxiliaries, paper and water treatment chemicals, cement and concrete additives.

Ak-Kim uses state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly technologies to produce more than 500 chemicals with a total capacity of 600 thousand tons. Sodium metabisulphite, Ammonium persulphate, Potassium persulphate, Dimethylacetamide, Hydrogen peroxide, Sodium percarbonate are amongst other chemicals that are in the product portfolio of Ak-Kim. These chemicals are produced using our own technology and they are first time ever products in Turkey.

In line with its growth strategy, Ak-Kim established Akferal Company as a 50/50 partnership with Feralco, the second biggest water chemicals and coagulant producer in Europe, in 2013. Having purchased Gizem Frit company, one of the biggest enamel and ceramic frit producers in the world, Ak-Kim penetrated into a new market in 2015. The Company targets to become a global chemical company with a turnover of USD 1 billion by 2023.

Ak-Kim has been exporting its know-how of technologies and providing engineering services to investors abroad since 2002. Ak-Kim has been operating its own plants for many years thus gaining vast and valuable experience in plant management. Ak-Kim shares this inhouse operation experience with the clients along with modernisation and innovations which also exist in its own plants; therefore providing great advantages to customers.

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